What makes a great website

A great website is an asset to any business but a lot of businesses seem to forget that. What’s your website for again?

1. Lead generation and customer acquisition:

If your website isn’t designed to capture data such as names and contact details of potential customers then you still got some work to do. Lead magnets can be strategically positioned on your website to stimulate visitors to sign up to receive your emails and also take that relationship to the next level- customer acquisition.

2. Establishing your Brand Identity-  show your brand swag:

What better online platform to show your brand swag than your website. The design, copy, and overall user experience of your website can be used to establish and reinforce your brand’s awesome identity in the minds of your target customers.

3. Establishing trust and credibility:

A great website contains information and value that helps you win trust and achieve credibilty. A website that showcases info such as customer testimonials, behind-the-scenes, press mentions, partnerships and affiliations can be used to establish trust and credibility needed to build valuable relationships in your business.

4. Educating your audience:

Blog posts, White papers, e-Books, Videos and other resources on a website can be used to educate your audience and further strengthen your relevance in their lives or business. The more relevant you are, the more loyal your audience are likely to become overtime.

5. Sharing valuable updates:

Keep your audience updated on latest news and developments regarding your products, services and your business. A regularly updated website shows how diligent and committed you are as a business. 

6. Making money:

Set up an online store. With an integrated payment system, you can create products for sale on your website and make good money in exchange for the value you offer.

Now look through your website once again, have you been making the most of your asset?

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